Retail Crime Training – Deter & Prevent

Preventing and deterring Retail Crime is very difficult, especially in the current economic climate.


Attempting to detain or apprehend shoplifters can be very dangerous and may present other legal implications therefo
re we always advise non-security 

We provide real life examples of experiences that we have 

encountered personnel to deter and prevent rather than detect.
Our training sessions will equip store staff with the knowledge and confidence to deter retail crime. The main deterrent is 1) Customer Service and 2) Being able to identify a potential offender.

  • We show real CCTV footage with explanations and examples
  • We show real tools-of-the-trade
  • We have inside knowledge of the industry
  • We also provide after-support to so that we can ensure that the training has been effective.
  • If appropriate, we tailor make part of the training to include your store's procedures too.

We have provided our Retail Crime training session to various brands in York and have had a positive response from all.

 What is covered?


The training sessions can be modified by adding or removing modules based on the available time.

They can range from 45 minutes to 2 hours. They appeal to all staff including new inductees and existing staff.

We always notice "shock" and disbelief between staff when we show them what happens in retail crime.

Typical modules covered:

  1. Types of retail crime
  2. Types of offender and why people offend
  3. What to look out for, how to spot a "shoplifter"
  4. Deter methods
  5. Tools of the trade examples and insights
  6. Other methods used by offenders
  7. The thought process of a shoplifter, what makes them "go for it"
  8. Crime prevention best practice
  9. Real CCTV footage to show the contrast of different types of offender.