Vulnerable persons – Night Time Economy

Vulnerable People & Child Exploitation Awareness.  ( For the Night time Economy)

This training is aimed at those who work in the night time economy and deal with vulnerable peopleVulnerable Person.

For the purpose of this course, we define a vulnerable person as:

  • Someone being under the influence of alcohol or drugs (maybe not through their own choice?)

  • Individuals that are alone or are receiving unwanted attention.

  • Potential victims of domestic violence.

  • A persons age (ie. Child/Young Peron)

  • Presence of a "sexual predator".

The roles/jobs that would benefit from this training are:

Taxi Drivers, Door Supervisors, Late-night refreshment establishment workers, people who work in Licensed premises and anyone who works in the Night time economy.

We explore the tools and options available that allow us to extend our duty of care when dealing with a vulnerable person.  From considerations when removing someone from a venue, to understanding the possible characteristics of child exploitation.

There is no national qualification with this course however it does derive from the national qualification for Door Supervisors.

The intention of this course is to raise awareness across the night time economy and help to prevent incidents of child exploitation, violence, sexual offences and work towards preventing further river tragedies in York.